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Hanging instructions

Wallpapering doesn't have to be difficult! Follow the instructions below and you will certainly achieve a good result.

Hanging instructions


- Make sure the wall surface is smooth, clean, dry and uniform in colour.
- We recommend to apply a primer on your wall.
- Wallpaper at ± 18 to 20 degrees.

Apply the paste directly on the wall.

- Use Perfax for non-woven wallpaper.

If you chose dark wallpaper, we recommend you first paint the wall in a similar dark colour. We also recommend you apply light wallpaper to a light wall in case there are any open seams. It is also important to apply the different strips close to one another but without overlap.

The strips are numbered.

- Please respect this order.
- We recommend you number the strips you've cut at the top, above the design, with a pencil. That way, you will not waste any time and you will avoid lovers' squabbles :)

Apply the first strip

-Unroll strip 1 onto the wall. Paste it on the far left of the wall.
- Wipe outwards with a wallpaper spatula to remove any bubbles.
- Do not rub with your hands or a cloth, otherwise you will damage the surface.
- Cut on the skirting board using a metal ruler.

Paste the next strips

- Unroll strip 2 (remember to turn it around).Then paste strip 2 beside strip 1.
- Unroll strip 3. Then paste roll 3 beside strip 2.
- Unroll strip 4 (remember to turn it around). Then paste strip 4 beside strip 3.
- Always paste the strips as closely to one another as possible.
- Wipe outwards with a wallpaper spatula to remove any bubbles.

If you have multiple rolls, repeat these steps exactly as described by pasteing strip 1 of the next roll beside strip 4 of the previous roll.

Wallpaper around sockets and switches

- Paste the wallpaper over the sockets and switches, firmly press the contours and cut away the middle piece.


- Give your wall time to dry. Once it is dry, you will no longer see wet spots.
- Immediately remove any paste spots by patting them with a sponge dipped in lukewarm water.
- Press the seams once with a roller.